Kim Karrington Cartwright

  • The Right Love3:06



Nature's Chapel

  • Like a Thief in the Night2:48

  • Hold On 3:01
Tapestry of Life © by Kim Karrington Cartwright

For every deed there is an energy, a choice that weaves a new design
A reverberation in dimensions in the vortex of space and time
​With purity as intent and integrity as a guide, the hues of strength and purpose intertwine
Supported by love as the unfailing instrument in the looming of the threads of the divine

Writer, Singer, Photographer, Poet, Artist

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With Love, the sweet melody, my spirit sings
In Love, my soul soars as with angel's wings…​

Supported by Love, there is no mountain I cannot climb
Abiding in Love, I find all I seek, a life sublime

© by Kim Karrington Cartwright

Welcome to the Wonder of Contentment

& the Passion of Joy's Creation

Poetry, Photographs, Songs, Paintings

Fantasy, Fiction, Children's Stories

Rock Opera, BMI Songwriter

  • Living on the Edge 2:15

  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side3:13

  • Like the Phoenix I'll Rise2:49